Saturday, 23 April 2016

Inspiration and Earth Day

What inspires me to care about our most gorgeous planet,
Is part the logical, scientific reasoning; that we humans are reliant upon it for our resources,
and is part the profound beauty that can be found in it.

Just through exploring, we can glimpse the intricacies of ecosystems, habitats and relationships- something I have grown to love through learning biology. We can understand how our own existence is reliant on these organisms, just through watching a bee pollinate a flower, for we need pollinators to make all of our fruits.

There are no "Do Not Touch" signs in the wild, we are free to navigate the textures of nature's sculptures at our own risk. There are so many more intricacies and patterns, so many subtle hues and colours that we could not begin to replicate.

With this in mind, happy belated earth day (In NZ),
Go celebrate and take yourself exploring.
Jacques Cousteau said people protect what they love.
So go fall in love with out planet.

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