Monday, 28 March 2016

Humans will be humans.

Humans don't suck.

There is a state you can easily fall into whilst becoming more educated about current issues, both environmental and otherwise.
Learning about Climate change for the first time, as well as the refugee situation, briefly put me into this way of thinking, 
That's the: Humans Suck mindset. 

Symptoms are: becoming despondent, losing all faith in humanity, and resigning yourself to a life of misery and woe and powerlessness.

Fear not, my friends, there is still hope.
We are but humans.

We have done some terrible and wonderful things.
We're not great at being long-sighted, but I like to think we're working on it.
We experiment and we build,
We break and we smash,
We create art and music,
We create wars and bombs.
We love and we hate.
We make mistakes.

And we have opportunities to fix them
And if we don't amend them now,
Maybe we won't have the chance to ever be humans again.

In short, we are neither good or bad,
but what we choose to be.

Thanks for reading,

Hey everyone, I'm really sorry for the inactivity recently,  I've been a bit overwhelmed with life, but I'm back now.

I've noticed that photos on some earlier posts aren't loading properly; I'll try fix that. 
I apologise for my lack of witty Donald Trump joke in this post. 
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